Lab-Tested, High-Quality Herbs

Ancient Traditionals only offers the highest-quality, lab-tested herbs in our products. Premium herbs are carefully selected and verified for correct species and geo-authenticity by the company we source from. Each herb passes inspection for proper identification, appropriate maturity and high quality.

Each batch is tested for heavy metals, microbial contamination and pesticide residues. All products are free from sulfur dioxide fumigation and other preservatives.

All herbs are manufacturer-tested using Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to confirm identification, ensure potency and to test for active constituents when necessary. Our supplier also employs Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories, an independent U.S. testing facility in New Orleans, to test the herbs for heavy metals (such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium), microbes, and over 60 pesticide residues (including BHC and DDT). Eurofins is a worldwide leader in the bio-analytical market, with 40 state-of-the-art laboratories across the globe. They employ over 10,000 reliable analytical methods to ensure herb, food and pharmaceutical safety. Through voluntary testing and sourcing sulfur-free medicinals whenever possible, our supplier and Ancient Traditionals are helping to raise the industry standard in ensuring that patients receive only the finest quality herbs.

Our Story

In 1985, the founder of Ancient Traditionals would occasionally frequent Los Angeles’ Chinatown in search of things useful and interesting. There, at a Chinese apothecary, she found a recently-published two-book set entitled Handbook of Chinese Herbs and Formulas (Vol. I & II), by Him-che Yeung, O.M.D. (Doctor of Oriental Medicine), Ph.D. At that time, these two books together cost $90 (that’s about $300 today). Of course, now you can get it used, online, for around $25—but back then, this was a big deal—not some cheap, new-age handbook like those so common today (many of which are nothing more than some online articles copied and pasted into a book and well-marketed).

A few months later, having had several horrendously painful gallbladder attacks, she consulted her books and found a formula. She brought a photocopy of the page down to the apothecary and had the Chinese pharmacist there fill it—four bags of bizarre-looking herbs. She was told how to use them (and only for four days!), and she did so. She didn’t get another gallbladder attack for 10 years; she then repeated the process, and hasn’t had a gallbladder attack since that time (over 20 years).

On hearing cries for help from too many friends who were experiencing gallbladder attacks, and seeing that currently offered products were too weak to do any good, were expensive and required to be used “daily, forever,” or were even completely bogus and totally ineffective, she thought it might be a good idea to offer the herbal formula that had worked so well for her. The herbs are not readily available—you can’t just buy them any old place—and much research went into locating a supplier who could provide pure, high-quality, lab-tested herbs (see above). Even those who live near Chinatowns are likely to find untested herbs which are often fumigated, sprayed, and otherwise contaminated with toxic heavy metals and other poisons. But not at Ancient Traditionals—all of our herbs are pristine and untainted. The founder of Ancient Traditionals is rather fanatic about avoiding toxins and simply refuses to sell anything she considers unworthy.

Ingredients & Instructions for Use

The ingredients of Dǎn Dào Pái Shí Tāng are:

Jin Qian Cac (Lysimachia / Lysimachia christinae)
Yin Chen Hao (Capillaris / Artemisia capillaris)
Yu Jin (Curcuma root / Curcuma longa)
Zhi Ke (Bitter orange / Citrus aurantium)
Mu Xiang (Saussurea / Saussurea lappa)
Da Huang (Rhubarb / Rheum palmatum)

This is known as a “biliary lithagogue decoction”—it expels stones from the bile ducts. “Biliary” means relating to the bile ducts (which carry bile from the gallbladder and liver). And it’s those bile ducts that get clogged by stones, causing the extreme pain of a “gallbladder attack.” A “lithagogue” is a substance that expels calculi (stones). And a “decoction” is medicinal preparation made by boiling plant materials down into a concentrated form.

There are four (4) packets per package—one for each of four days. On the morning of day #1, empty one packet into a pot with 4 cups of good water (purified, spring, etc.), and boil it until there is only 1 cup of liquid remaining. Drink that. (Warning—it tastes horrible!) Don’t throw out the herbs! Cover the pot and save them until later in the day, at which time, you will add 2 cups of water to the morning’s herbs and boil it down to 1 cup of liquid remaining; drink that. Now you can throw out the herbs. Repeat for the next three days.

You may (or may not!) experience detox symptoms, such as some nausea or diarrhea, as your liver is also getting a clean-out at the same time. Don’t give up! It’s just for four days, and it’s incredibly effective. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, eat healthy food, and get sufficient sleep. And you don’t have to buy and take some supplement daily for the rest of your life (and without results!). This isn’t a marketing scam. It’s a formula that worked wonders for the founder of Ancient Traditionals, and has been working for thousands of years for many others. This is true TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)—not some new-age fake marketing gimmick or watered-down, ineffective, “use daily forever” stuff.